AI Researcher

Job Details

What is the role:
• Develop novel ideas in AI/NLP/ML to address the different security and privacy challenges our client faces and hence improve the user experience in the context of cloud services.
• Implement AI/ML based proof-of-concepts of bold and innovative ideas, benchmark your or 3rd party solutions through their application in their cloud services.
• Continuous research and evaluation of emerging technologies, staying current in published state-of-the-art ML methods, technologies, and applications.
What is required:
• Academic and/or industrial proven success in the area of AI/Machine Learning applied to security, NLP and/or recommendations.
• Understanding and use of Deep Learning concepts and technologies as applied to security, NLP and/or recommendations.
• Experience with some of the following concepts: recommendations, search, abnormality detection, text analysis, Transformers for NLP , knowledge representation, knowledge graphs.
• Good knowledge of Python and hands-on experience with some of NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, and Keras.
• Software engineering experience and hands-on experience with Python.
• Experience with various public cloud environments and technologies.
• PhD in AI/ML/NLP computer science, maths, statistics, computational linguistics or equivalent experience