Diffractive Optics Engineer

Job Details

Main Responsibilities:
Provide optical design and explore innovative optical systems for products (like ARVR display) and taking charge of related collaboration projects with companies or institutes.
Be on the pulse of the latest optical technologies, and regularly participate in the optical design related forums and associations.
Responsible for the management of design software if required.
Maintain network in the industry for optical design.
Desired qualifications and skills:
Major in optical engineering, optical science, physics or electrical engineering, Ph.D is preferred but not essential.
Good knowledge in diffractive optics.
Knowledge of coherence and polarization optics is desirable.
Profound understanding of rigorous optical simulation methods, such as FDTD, FMM, FEM
Familiar with the optical design tools like Virtual Lab, Gsolver, CodeV, Matlab and related user-defined programming
Experience in corresponding optical measurements is desirable.
3+ years of work experience in the optical system design.
Excellent communication, cooperation and project management skills.