NLP Researcher

Job Details

Your main areas of focus:
Participation in the NLP strategy and research roadmap definition of our cloud services.
Research in areas such as sentiment analysis, fake reviews/news detection, recommendations, tagging.
Proof-of-concept of bold and innovative ideas in the application of NLP/AI to our cloud services.
Explore research opportunities and establish research collaboration with academics and NLP start-ups.
Continuous research and evaluation of emerging technologies, staying current on published state-of-the-art ML methods, technologies, and applications.
Desired qualifications and skills:
Academic and/or industrial experience in the area of NLP and AI/Machine Learning.
Understanding and use of Deep Learning concepts and technologies (e.g LSTM).
Experience with some of the following concepts: sentiment analysis, text tagging, knowledge representation, knowledge graphs, named entity/relationship extraction, automatic summarisation.
Experience with some of the following libraries and models: CoreNLP, NLTK, Gensim, SpaCy, Apache OpenNLP, TextBlob, Word2vec, and GloVe.
Experience using publicly available NLP related datasets: Amazon Web reviews, IMDB movie review, Google 1-billion word etc