Optics Design Specialist

Job Details

One of our clients is looking for an Optics Design Specialist for their R&D office in Helsinki, Finland.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Provide optical design and explore innovative optical systems for products (like AR/VR display) and taking charge of related collaboration projects with companies or institutes.
  • Be on the pulse of the latest optical technologies, and regularly participate in the optical design related forums and associations.
  • Responsible for the management of design software if required.
  • Maintain network in the industry for optical design.

Desired qualifications and skills:

  • Major in optical engineering, optical science, physics or electrical engineering, Ph.D is preferred.
  • Experience in optical design and development, including systems design and integration, of AR/VR products, projection display systems, or imaging systems.
  • Knowledge of light sources (lasers and LED’s), diffractive optics, optical materials, and thin films optics.
  • Knowledge of coherence and polarization optics is desirable.
  • Experience in using ray-tracing programs for design, analysis, optimization and tolerance (e.g., Zemax) and familiar with the optical design tools like Virtual Lab, CodeV, Matlab and related user-defined programming.
  • Experience in corresponding optical measurements is desirable.
  • 3+ years of work experience in the optical system design.
  • Excellent communication, cooperation and project management skills.
  • Working proficiency in English.